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The cookies we collect and how we use them.


Last revised: 12/21/2019


- Protecting Your Data -

We do not collect "extra" information not about our Clients, not from the devices of our Clients!
We do not sell your personal information even if it was provided by the Client as part of using the services of the StartMoney project.
We also do not buy or request information about our Clients from third parties.
We do not provide accessible information about our Clients at the request of third parties, if there is no legal basis for this and such a request has not been fulfilled in accordance with the requirements of the law (in more detail here).
At the same time, when you visit or use the resources of the StartMoney project, we and our authorized service providers can and can use cookies, web beacons and other similar technologies to make your work more convenient, fast and safe.
Also, for the purpose of advertising and or to improve our services, applications and tools, cookies may be collected. 
Any personal information or data collected using these web technologies is used only by us or our authorized service providers on our behalf, and you can always fully control them by visiting this section of Cookie Settings Management.
At the same time, we want to immediately warn you, by disabling any parameter in the cookie settings, you can significantly disrupt the operation of the service for yourself.

- Your consent -

By continuing to visit and use our resources, services, applications, tools, you agree to our use of cookies, web beacons and similar web technologies in accordance with this document and the Privacy Policy. If you don’t want us to use these technologies when you visit or use our resources, services, applications, tools, go to the Documents > Privacy Policy > Cookie settings and perform the necessary actions.

- What are cookies? -

We are talking about small files with data that are stored on your computer, tablet, mobile phone or other device (hereinafter collectively - “Device”) and allow us to track how exactly you use our WEB resource. All these technologies are often described by a single term - cookies, but there are slight differences between them, which are explained below.

- Cookies -

Small text files (usually containing letters and numbers) that are stored in the memory of your browser or device when you go to a WEB resource or perform some actions on it. Using cookies, WEB resources recognize specific devices and browsers. Cookies come in many forms.

  • Session cookies: they expire when you end a browser session. They allow us to associate your actions with the current session.
  • Permanent cookies: they are stored on your device between sessions and allow us to remember your settings, actions and preferences.
  • Basic cookies: they are sent by the WEB resource that the user has accessed to save his settings (for example, during the user's stay on the site).
  • Third-party cookies: they are placed in your browser by a WEB resource or domain that you have not visited. If a user accesses a WEB resource and a third-party provider saves his cookie on this computer through this website, such a file is considered a third-party.

When you go to a WEB resource that uses cookies, you may be asked to fill out a form with information about you, for example, your name, email address and interests. This information is recorded in a cookie, which is stored in your browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) for future use. The next time you go to this WEB resource, the browser will send a cookie to the server. A message is sent to the server every time the browser requests a page from it.

- WEB beacons -

Small files (also called tags or pixel tags) that can be downloaded on WEB resources, applications and other tools and used in conjunction with cookies to identify users and collect anonymous data about their actions.

- Scripts -

The script is a small fragment of the site code posted on web resources to support customer service tools in the framework of the StartMoney project and allows you to provide interactive opportunities for visitors. They are also used to collect the data we need to analyze web resources or to provide data on the effectiveness of our advertising.

- Similar technology -

Technologies that allow you to save information in your browser or device using local public objects or local storage (for example, Flash cookies, HTML 5 cookies and other application programming methods). Such technologies can work in all your browsers at the same time, and sometimes browsers do not allow full control over their application (for this, you may need to use the parameters directly in the installed application or on the device itself). We do not use these tools to store information about users and targeted advertising on our sites and other sites.

- What cookies, web beacons and similar technologies do we use and why -

We use cookies, WEB beacons and similar technologies for various purposes, however, they are mainly required for the functioning of our WEB resource, services, applications, tools and messaging systems, help us improve their performance, offer you additional functions or demonstrate a targeted thematic Advertising (see the policy of displaying third-party content and advertising). The following describes in detail what the individual technologies are for.

- Direct work with WEB resource -

These cookies allow you to navigate through our WEB resource and use its basic functions, such as secure sections of your Personal Account. Without them, we cannot provide services to our Clients. Please note that we do not use these technologies to collect information that allows users to show advertisements or track the WEB resources they visit. Consent to their use is a prerequisite for the use of our WEB resource, so if you block them, we will not be able to guarantee the functionality and security of the services we offer.

- Performance -

These cookies allow you to collect information about you and how you use our WEB resource (for example, which pages you visit and whether errors occur during operation). These cookies do not include any information that would determine your identity. They simply help us improve the quality of our WEB resource, understand what interests our users and how useful our content is, based on anonymous statistics and other information about using the WEB resource. Consent to their use is a prerequisite for the use of our WEB resource, so if you block them, we will not be able to guarantee the functionality and security of the services we offer.

- Display third-party content and ads -

Our WEB resource, applications and tools can store web beacons, basic and third-party cookies on users' computers, allowing them to offer certain content, including product ads, that correspond to their interests demonstrated on our and other sites. These technologies help us understand how useful our ads are and increase the relevance of the content we offer to users. At the same time, the StartMoney project extremely carefully uses third-party content and the extremely critical attitude to displaying ads, for the display of advertising separate disconnected and custom blocks are used, and third-party content is downloaded only from verified, reliable sources and, if necessary, the functioning of the WEB resource of the StartMoney project.

- Support and Ticket system -

Support Technologies and Message Ticket may include your own or third-party cookies, WEB beacons / pixels and scripts placed in order to provide you with tools for interacting with our Support Services. This technology allows us to provide chat services, collect customer reviews and other tools used to support our visitors and customers. The data collected for this purpose is never used for marketing or advertising purposes.

- Management of cookies, web beacons and similar technologies, their control and deletion -

To manage some cookies, WEB beacons and other objects that we place on your device, use this section Documents> Privacy Policy> Cookie Settings and perform the necessary actions. You can also take advantage of the capabilities of your browser by clicking on the lock in the browser line and selecting the appropriate settings.

You can block cookies using the appropriate option in your browser, which allows you to refuse some or all of these cookies. However, if you block all cookies (including important ones) in your browser, you will not be able to use some functions on our WEB resource. If cookies are not blocked in your browser, our system will send them to you when you visit our site. Please note that in accordance with our Privacy Policy, we currently do not respond to the "Do Not Track" signals received from the browsers of our visitors.

WEB browsers allow you to configure the processing of cookies. This can usually be done in the [Options] or [Settings] menu section. If you need help, we recommend that you visit the resources at the links below. You can also find additional information in the Help section directly in the browser.

If you decide to withdraw your consent to the use of cookies, they will need to be deleted from the browser.

- Additional cookie information -



- To contact us -

We hope that the information presented in this policy provides an exhaustive answer to the question of what technologies and for what purposes we use. If you have any other questions or need more information, check out our   Privacy Policy   and the   Center’s information trust   or contact us at   [email protected] .