The most common questions and answers to them.

- FAQ -

Registration, login, access restoration.

   Registering an e-wallet is a free procedure and takes a minute of your time.
After registration, a full service of services provided by the StartMoney project becomes available to you.

These services are: 
   Your personal electronic wallet, an account on which you can store funds of different systems in a single multi-currency interface.
   You can use the service, exchange , transfer funds and receive transfers from other users.
   Service of the Transaction Guarantor , an independent Evaluation Expert and arbitrator.
   You can join the unique investment program , developed by the StartMoney project for personal needs and successfully working for more than ten years with private capital [more about this here]
   Each user registered in the project system is given the opportunity to earn money through a diverse affiliate program. проекта.
   Under development and testing are: The project community, The interface of the general founder of the StartMoney project of the closed club Anonymous Syndicate - Business Angel (A.S.B.A.), Online store (trading platform).

   All this and much more, becomes available only after registration account ( creating an E-account ) in the StartMoney project system, but the decision to do this or not remains with you.

   When registering, the required fields are all fields marked with * with a red asterisk

 E- mail:
   We kindly ask you to indicate a valid E-mail, tk. it will receive notifications, confirmation codes, and other important messages.

Also, the specified E-mail is your key to the profile and the identifier of your wallet account and it will receive funds transferred to you by other users of the system.

   Take the security of entering your profile seriously, create complex password combinations that attackers cannot pick up, do not pass passwords from your account to third parties, do not store in easily accessible places and do not create the same passwords on different resources. ( remember that hacking one account, attackers will iterate over all your accounts and gain access wherever there is the same login information!)

You were invited:
   This field is optional, and if you clicked on a referral link, it will be filled in automatically.
You can also enter the E-mail of the person who invited you and this person will receive a reward from all your operations, which in no case will affect you.

   We advise you to familiarize yourself with the rules and other documents before you click the [Create My E-Wallet] button, in the future it will help you avoid misunderstanding something, unpleasant or contentious situations, and also facilitate the use of our services .

  1. Check the correctness of the data you enter
  2. Check your keyboard to turn off the CapsLock key.
  3. Check your specified mail for messages confirming registration / entry (check also the SPAM and CART folders)
  4. If the above methods did not solve the problem, contact support by selecting the appropriate topic.

Follow this link and follow the instructions.

Follow this link and contact support.

Security, personal data, privacy.

   Our security experts make every effort to ensure your safety ...

The resource is equipped with all necessary degrees and security measures such as:

  1. Regular check for viruses and holes
  2. Vulnerability and Injection Testing
  3. Equipped with SSL / TLS data encryption certificate
  4. DOSS protection
  5. Location on bulletproof servers
  6. Your funds are not stored in the project accounts and are forwarded to alternative anonymous accounts by splitting capital
  7. Investment capital works only in time-tested and approved by the club (A.S.B.A.) projects and programs
  8. The investment capital of our clients operates diversified in the ratio of 100% ÷ ≈ 10 ≤ 50%, namely, 100% of your capital is split into approximately 10 parts that are invested in the same number of financing objects, which in the total equivalent cannot exceed the share of client funds more than 50% funds from the total financing per unit of the investment object, the second part equal to or greater than 50% of the capital is the funds of club members (ASBA) and the StartMoney project, which in total is 100% financing per unit object that investment. In this way, the clients ’investment funds participate in the investment environment in the proportions of up to 50% of investors’ funds from the project and from 50% or more of funds (A.S.B.A.) and the StartMoney project.

To do this, when you first visited the StartMoney project resource, you were asked to read the privacy policy and accept its provisions. We invite you to [ read our privacy policy now ] and get answers to your questions.

Usually, to use the services of our service, personal data of the client is not required, but there are services and conditions under which such data may be necessary and we can request them.

PS- (Payment Systems / Services), currency, cryptocurrency.

Our service works in the main currencies USD- (US Dollar), EUR- (Euro), RUB- (Ruble).

We also work with the main cryptocurrency BTC, ETH, LTC, etc.

We work with popular payment services and regularly add new ones.

Actual Payment Services:

  1. ePayCore USD
  2. PerfectMoney USD
  3. PayPal USD
  4. PaySera USD
  5. NixMoney USD

Deposit, Exchange, Transfer, Withdrawal.

In most cases, and most operations are processed instantly and take less than a minute of time to execute them, while there are a number of third-party partner services that can, for various reasons, perform part of the operations with certain delays. Such delays are not dependent on us, because, our conditions of operations can radically differ from the conditions of third-party services.In detail about the conditions of the operations performed, you receive information on the operation execution page.

At the moment, an automated method of such a service is not provided. But our programmers are working hard on a system that will allow us to connect our service to receive payments on third-party resources. But you can contact our support team and we can offer you to connect in semi-automatic mode.

You can withdraw your funds to any card that you tie in your profile and create such an operation. We also work towards issuing our payment cards and linking them to your account.

We do not recommend this for several reasons:

  1. One way or another, you "pass" your funds through third-party services and gateways and sooner or later they will be interested in the origin of your funds, which means that it threatens to block funds on the accounts of such a service.
  2. Also, if the state agency or the investigating authority makes a request for your verification and justifies the violation of the law with an official decision, we will be forced to seize your funds and suspend your wallet until the circumstances are clarified.